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I love Zotero, but it is not working correctly with Gale databases. Is there a workaround?

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Here’s what we've come up with as a workaround with Zotero users using our new Gale databases. Gale doesn’t play well with Zotero at the moment. Zotero is not interpreting a Gale results page as one with individual save-able article/items on it.


So, as you’re working with Gale, save your desired articles in a folder (click on the blue “save” button next to each article display. When you’re done saving items, click on the “my folder” icon, which is up on the dark grey bar at the top of the page (in the More area). Then choose “citation tools”, then “export to” and choose the Endnote format. This will download a folder to your computer which contains the citations in a format that Zotero can read.


Next step – go to your Zotero library and choose File – Import – and then choose the folder that was downloaded from Gale. Zotero will open and put a new folder in your library containing those items. You’ll have to move the items to the folder where you want them and delete the download folder.



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