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Is there a telephone in the Library for patron use?

267 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Facilities

There is a courtesy phone outside the elevator on each floor.

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I live just a block from Loras. May I use the Loras Library?

256 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jan 15, 2020    Facilities Borrowing

Probably. Anyone who has an Iowa public library card and a picture ID may check out books and other items from the Library. And anyone is welcome to use our public computers or any public area in the library.

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How do I add a printer to my laptop?

248 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Equipment

To add a printer in Windows 10:

1.    click on the window-pane key + the R key on the keyboard to bring up the Run command dialog box;

2.    type in \\prnt01\ and hit OK, then browse for the desired printer;

3.    double-click on the name of the desired printer to add this printer

4.    the newly added printer should now display in your list of available printers. if not, you may need to restart your computer.

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How do I access the Library catalog and electronic resources from off-campus?

237 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Catalog

The Library catalog is freely available from off-campus; all other Library databases require authentication before reaching the resource. Simply enter the user name and password you use when signing into your computer when asked to login. Check the guide to Accessing Databases from Off-Campus for more information.


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Does the Library have a color printer?

233 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Equipment

The Library does not have a color printer for patron use. However, patrons can use the color printer available in the Alumni Campus Center, in the lounge area next to Duhawk Market.

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How do I find DVDs and videos?

225 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jan 16, 2020    Collections

The DVDs and VHS tapes are separated into two collections: The Wilkie Classic Film DVDs and eMedia (educational DVDs and VHS tapes). The Wilkie DVDs are located on the second floor, on the Loras Boulevard side of the building past the Learning Commons offices. The eMedia collection is located on the 2nd floor, in the low bookshelves right next to the Learning Commons.

To search for a specific title, click the Video tab on the Loras College Library’s homepage.


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How do I get a book or an article that Loras does not own?

223 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jan 16, 2020    Interlibrary Loan

If another local library has materials you need, it is possible for you to go directly to that library and save yourself the Interlibrary Loan processing time.

Loras College Library shares borrowing privileges with other colleges and universities in the Dubuque area, including the University of Dubuque, Clarke University, Northeast Iowa Community College, and Wartburg Seminary.

Loras College Library participates in the Open Access program through the State Library of Iowa. This allows our patrons to visit other participating libraries and borrow their materials, including the Carnegie Stout Public Library.

If the item is not available through one of these options, you can request it through Interlibrary LoanStart the process.

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Can magazines, journals, or newspapers be checked out?

222 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Borrowing

No, they can only be used in the Library.

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I'm looking for the Writing Center. Where is it, and how do I make an appointment?

214 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jan 23, 2020    Facilities

The Writing Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Library in the Learning Commons. For more information, or to make an appointment, visit the Writing Center’s homepage.

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Who can use the Loras Library?

212 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Dec 20, 2019    Basics

All Loras students, staff, and faculty have borrowing and network privileges; others may also apply for borrowing privileges. Just stop by the Library Services desk. Learn more about Library privileges here.

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Is there a place for group study?

208 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Facilities

Yes. All floors of the library feature not only group study rooms, where you may close the door for privacy, but group seating areas out in the open.

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I've heard the federal government is putting all their legislative documents online? How do I learn about this?

208 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jan 22, 2020    Search and Research

Yes, the federal government is going online in a big way. Check out Govinfo for material from all three branches of government. For details go to the library’s tutorial for Govinfo.

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How many books can I have checked out at once?

206 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Borrowing

Students, alumni, and the general public can have 40 books checked out at one time. Faculty can have 100 books checked out at once. 

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Where can I find the Bible, or different translations of the Bible, on the shelves?

203 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Collections Location

Bibles (in various translation), and book about the Bible, can be found in the 220s, on the first floor of the library.

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I'm supposed to use the library database "JSTOR". How does it work?

202 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Databases

"JSTOR" is a database archive of scholarly journal articles and primary source materials on a wide variety of disciplines. For details, go to the library's tutorial on JSTOR.

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Can the library material I check out be renewed?

202 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Dec 20, 2019    Borrowing

Most library material can be renewed twice. However, items on reserve may not be renewed at all. You can find more information and on our Circulation Policies page.

To renew your items if you are a member of the Loras community, go to the Library's home page.

  • Hover over My Personal Library
  • Select My Library Account
  • Enter your network username and password (the same combination you use to log into your computer)
  • Click the renew button next to the items you want to renew
  • A note will appear above the box letting you know if you were successful or not

If you are a community member, call the Library at 563-588-7189.

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Does the Library have quiet study areas available to students?

199 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Facilities

The Library has both group and individual study rooms. Students can also use the carrels on floors one, three, and four.  More information about quiet areas is available. In general, the quiet areas are on the first, third, and fourth floors along the Keane Hall side of the building. 4th floor also has a quiet area on the Loras Boulevard side.

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Do I need my Loras ID to check something out?

197 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Borrowing

Yes, your barcode ID (number on the back of your ID) is used to check out books to you. Please bring it when you come to the library.

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Are food and/or drinks allowed in the Library?

195 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jun 13, 2019    Facilities

Food and drink are both allowed in the Library

However, everyone is asked to be careful and to clean up after themselves because crumbs and spills can not only damage library materials directly, but indirectly, by attracting insects.

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Someone mentioned that Zotero could help me keep track of paper references. How does it work?

193 views   |   0   0   |   Last updated on Jan 22, 2020    Search and Research

Zotero is a web browser add-on that helps you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. For information on using and installing Zotero, go to the library's guide to Zotero.

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