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How do I download an ebook to my laptop?

32 views   |   Last updated on Jun 10, 2014    Collections Databases

Most of Loras Library's EBSCO eBooks can be downloaded to your computer. Here's how:

1. Click the Download (Offline) link for the eBook you would like to download.

2. Select a Checkout period from the drop-down menu and click the Checkout & Download button.

3. The eBook is added to the Checkout area of the folder, accessible from the upper-right corner of the EBSCOhost interface. If you are not logged into your My EBSCOhost folder, you are prompted to do so.

4. Select Open with or Save File from the resulting dialog box.

If you select Open with, your eBook is opened with Adobe® Digital Editions. See this guide for information about downloading Adobe Digital Editions. If you select Save file, the eBook is saved to your computer and can be opened with Adobe® Digital Editions at a later time.

5. When a downloaded eBook is opened, it is displayed in Adobe® Digital Editions.

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What is the Roseliep Collection?

31 views   |   Last updated on Jun 29, 2015    Collections

This collection, located on the third floor, contains the literary materials of the late Rev. Raymond Roseliep, Professor of English at Loras College who served in the Department between 1946 to 1982. A description of the collection is available here. Roseliep was an established poet who gained a reputation as a haikuist, and was the winner of the prestigious Henderson Award. He tied for first place in 1977, received an honorable mention in 1979, and won the first place award in 1982.

The Roseliep Collection contains the books from the poet's personal library, his literary correspondence, his own published books, and drafts of published and unpublished work in progress. The collection is available to researchers by appointment. Contact: Heidi Pettitt, (563) 588-7873 or Joyce Meldrem, (563) 588-7164

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How do I add a printer to my laptop?

27 views   |   Last updated on Dec 04, 2014    Equipment

To add a printer in Windows 8:

  1. click on the window-pane button that is right under the screen (not on the keyboard) + the R key on the keyboard to bring up the Run command dialog box;
  2. type in \\prnt02\ and browse for the desired printer;
  3. double-click on the name of the desired printer to add this printer
  4. the newly added printer should now display in your list of available printers. if not, you may need to restart your computer.

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How do I broaden or narrow my topic?

27 views   |   Last updated on Jul 07, 2015    Search and Research

If your searching is returning too many or too few items for your research, you may need to narrow or broaden your topic. Try these resources to help you think about broadening and narrowing.

Broadening and narrowing flow chart

Topic selection and narrowing: prezi by Becky Canovan at University of Dubuque library

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What is the Special Collections and Rare Book Room?

26 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Collections

The Special Collections and Rare Book Room is located on the third floor of the Library. Items located in this collection include those which are very old, difficult or impossible to replace, limited and first editions, signed copies, unique manuscript materials, books by Dubuque authors, and Loras faculty publications. The Special Collections and Rare Book Room also includes folios by Shakespeare and incunabula (books published before 1501).

Most of the items in this room are in the online catalog.The room is open on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30 p.m. during the school year, and at other times by appointment. Contact: Heidi Pettitt, (563) 588-7873 or Joyce Meldrem, (563) 588-7164

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Can Loras alumni use the Library's subscription databases?

24 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Research guides Search and Research Databases

Yes and no.

The library's catalog is available from on and off campus.

Other library databases, such as those linking to articles and ebooks, are available in the library building only, per our licenses with the database vendors. You may visit the Loras College Library and access the databases by using our public desktop computer stations near the check-out desk.

For a description of other library services for alumni, go the the Alumni Services Info Guide.

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I need some information on copyright rules. Where should I go?

24 views   |   Last updated on Aug 14, 2014    Research guides Search and Research

To answer basic questions about copyright, the library maintains an information guide on copyright.

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What if I'm in the Library and unable to print?

23 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Equipment

If you arrived at the library with your laptop computer on, sometimes it helps if you turn your computer off and restart it to make sure you're connected to the wireless network.

Or, you may have run out of prints. To check your print balance:

  • Go to the A-Z Index on the Inside Loras home page.
  • Click on the Print Count link, and enter your user name and password to see how many pages you can still print. (When you've run out of prints, you can buy more by contacting the Help Desk, which also has a link on the A-Z Index.)
Still having problems? Contact the Help Desk for assistance: x4949

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Do you have past issues of the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald (local newspaper)?

22 views   |   Last updated on Jun 18, 2014    Collections Search and Research Databases

Yes, our online access to the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald goes back to 1995. Access those years at this link.

For issues older than 1995, the library has the newspaper on microfilm, located on the library's 1st floor. Microfilm reading and printing machines are also available near the microfilm cabinets.

By the way, the Telegraph-Herald, and its antecedent newspapers, go back to the mid-nineteenth century on microfilm.

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How can I look something up in Luxembourgers In the New World?

22 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Search and Research

The book Luxembourgers in the New World Vol. 2 contains the only index to surnames to the Luxemburger Gazette newspaper. The Loras Library has 2 sets of the microfilm.  We loan out one set via inter-library loan and the other set is kept in the microfiche cabinets for use here at Loras.  If a patron wants a scan or photocopy of a certain page of surnames the Loras College archivist Mike Gibson can oblige, but is unable to look up the actual citations in the newspapers and print/scan a certain page(s). To borrow the microfilm, contact the interlibrary loan department of your local library.

Note: The Luxembourg government is considering scanning the microfilm of the newspaper which would either be available on-line or put on a site where there would be a fee to access it. Stay tuned.

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My professor will flunk me if he finds plagiarism in my paper. How do I avoid it?

21 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Info Ethics

There's lot of information about what plagiarism and how to avoid it on the library's "Avoiding Plagiarism" guide.

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Does the Library have quiet study areas available to students?

21 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Facilities

The Library has both group and individual study rooms. Students can also use the carrels on floors one, three, and four.  A map of the quiet areas is available.

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What are "primary" sources, aka "primary" documents?

21 views   |   Last updated on Dec 02, 2014    Search and Research

Primary Sources are materials directly related to the past by time or participation—things created in the past by people living at the time. Primary sources include photographs, prints, paintings, documents, advertisements, music and film, letters, newspaper articles, and objects.

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Can you help me find information on Beethoven?

20 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Search and Research

We have a great database for finding information on Beethoven and other musicians or music topics. It’s called Grove Music Online.

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Can I check out items from other local libraries?

20 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Borrowing

It’s best to ask those libraries directly whether you may have borrowing privileges.

Here is contact information for a few of the local libraries:

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What and where is the print release computer?

19 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Equipment

The print release computer is located next to the public printer on the second (entrance) floor of the library. The public printer is on the right just past the Checkout Desk.

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Does the Library accept donations of books I don't need any more?

19 views   |   Last updated on Oct 22, 2015    Collections

Yes, there is a large wooden drop box on the main floor of the Library where books can be deposited. You can also call and make other arrangements for dropping off books. If we do not add the donated books to our collection, they are sold on the Better World Books web site, with proceeds benefiting the library.

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How do I get a job in the library?

19 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014   

Go here for information on how to apply for a student worker job at the Library.

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I'm supposed to use the library database "PsycInfo". How does it work?

19 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Databases

"PsycInfo" is a very versitile database with more than 3 million records devoted to peer-reviewed literature in the behavioral sciences and mental health. For details, go to the library's PsycInfo tutorial.

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I'm supposed to use the library database "GreenFILE." How does it work?

19 views   |   Last updated on Jun 03, 2014    Databases

"GreenFILE" offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. For details, go to the library's tutorial on GreenFILE.

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